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People who take care of the vulnerable are special.


Our staffing team is the key to the wonderful care provided at Hopewell. We endeavor to provide a workplace that is caring, responsive, encouraging, supportive, and open.

Our culture of one of respect, appreciation, and diversity.

Hopewell is committed to enriching the lives of our residents and families. For that, we need caring, devoted people like you.

We are an equal opportunity employer. If you require information before submitting your application, please contact our Human Resources Administrator through email at lzeidler@hopewellchildrenshomes.ca or at 519-836-9641 ext. 223.

Please consider applying for one of our open positions. We want to hire you!

1094 - Behaviour Support Worker - Casual

1103 - Behaviour Support Worker - Casual

1119 - Behaviour Support Worker - Permanent Full-Time

1120 - Overnight Awake - Contract Part-Time

1121 - Behaviour Support Worker - Contract Full-Time

1122 - Overnight Awake - Permanent/Contract Part-Time

1123 - Overnight Awake - Permanent Part-Time

1124 - Overnight Awake - Permanent Full-Time

1125 - Behaviour Support Worker - Permanent Part-Time

1126 - RPN - Permanent Part-Time

1127 - Overnight Awake - Permanent Part-Time

Feel free to send  us your resume and introductory letter so we can find the perfect job for you. Email us at lzeidler@hopewellchildrenshomes.ca